Documentary | Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair

OmniaTV, Arte and Yemaya Productions present:

Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair

What’s in the mind of the neo-nazi next-door?

a documentary by Angélique Kourounis

With the support of:

Reporters Without Borders

Hellenic League for Human Rights

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – Office in Greece

Support the production’s crowdfunding campaign:

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The film will be publicly released in 2016, initially in three languages (English, French, Greek), immediately after festival submissions and the first public screenings.

This documentary is the director’s third work on the Greek neo-nazi party “Golden Dawn”, with a personal approach on the subject as she herself narrates: “how could I remain impartial in my situation? My partner in life is a Jew, one of my sons is gay, another is an anarchist, and I am a left-wing feminist as well as a daughter of immigrants. If Golden Dawn comes to power our only problem will be which wagon they will put us on”.

The extensive material, reaching a total of a hundred hours of video and audio, on which the film is based, is the product of Angélique Kourounis’ survey and research over the course of five years.

In the material selected for the documentary, some issues are highlighted for the first time in  film: the compatibility of certain strong beliefs in the Greek society with the racist ideology of national-socialism (nazism); the party’s hierarchical structure, present in every activity; the use of classic Goebbels’ tactics of deception in public discourse; as well as the decades-long relationship with the police and the prolonged cover-up of Golden Dawn’s activities by political and judicial authorities.

At the same time, a series of other topics are mentioned: the interconnected relations between Golden Dawn, the center-right New Democracy and other parties in the “constitutional bloc”; the zealous support of part of the clergy towards the neo-nazi party, while the party adopts – conveniently – a “Greek-Orthodox” profile; and also, opposition by another part of the clergy towards Golden Dawn’s public hate speech and attacks against minorities.

During the next few weeks, until the end of the crowdfunding campaign in January 22, a series of extra videos focusing on some particular issues will be released, from material that will not be finally included in the documentary.

Angélique Kourounis is a journalist, permanent and special correspondent in Greece and the Balkans since 1985 for francophone media such as:

print: Charlie Hebdo, La Libre Belgique, Politis, Ouest France, Les DNA Sud – Ouest, Econostrum

radio: Groupe Radio France (France Info, Culture, Inter), Radio Canada, RTBF (Radio Télévision Belge francophone), Radio Suisse Romande

TV: LCI, CBC, RTSR, RTBF TV, Public Senat, TV5 Monde

OmniaTV is an online webtv, blogging and social networking platform.

Arte (TV network) and Yemaya Productions are participating as co-producers, granting permission for the use of part of the material to which they are copyright owners.

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