Anti-fascist Patrol in Athens (video)

Street musician plays guitar while anti-fascists keep public spaces safe for everyone and amplify a message of no tolerance for any form of fascism in the Greek capital (snapshot from video)


On Friday 21st of January an anti-fascist patrol took place in the centre of Athens with 200 antifascist participants.

Our main purpose was to get the planned pogrom organized by the gang of cowards, Golden Dawn, cancelled, which is what happened.

On Saturday 22nd of January on the day a demo was planned for Imia, the anti-fascist patrol was repeated. A group of 200 comrades arrived at hotel Hermes located at Syntagma square, where squads of riot police guarded the ”imported” Nazis Golden Dawn had invited for the anniversary, who remained inside and did not dare to come out.

Not a step Back
Anarchist Group Rouvikonas
Anti-Fascist Anti-Authoritarian Centre Distomo
Occupied Social Centre Vox
Anti-fascist Comrades




Source: AthensIndy

Translation: BlackCat

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