Ritsona: the four refugees ended their hunger-strike

Ritsona (photo: Thodoris Nicolaou)

The hunger strike at the ‘accommodation’ camp for refugees in Ritsona came to an end. Despite hungerstrikers being pressurized by many, their decision was mainly affected by the opinion of their own people within the camp. Some children had also started to refuse to eat in order to show their support towards hunger strikers.

A prevalent emotion at the concentration camp is that of captives who start to realise the condition they are in and do not want to compromise in any way. Hunger strikes are the ultimate weapon of desparation, a tragic gesture, and we do not wish for anyone to get to that point. However, we respect and support those who decide to use it.

A struggle could take many different radical forms. In our opinion, co-ordinating actions that establish a connection among captives and solidaritarians on the basis of respect towards the wishes of refugees is essential. The main goals of refugees are to leave the country, to open the borders and continue their journey towards northern Europe. We ought to work to create a mass movement promoting these demands and to actively pressurize for their fulfillement. Solidarity must revolve around the demands decided by refugees. Simultaneously, we will also fight for decent living conditions. The voices calling refugees to accept their fate without complaining- an attempt to enforce a political/military discipline within the squalor of concentration camps- confirm their solidarity with state policies and the businesses created in the name of refugees but are not in solidarity with refugees themselves.

Libertarian Political Collective Ulalum

translated by BlackCat

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