Statement regarding the recent failed attempt to remove P. Aspiotis from Korydallos prison

Today at 5:40 am a prison guard informed P. Aspiotis for an upcoming transfer to Nafplion prison. Aspiotis’ refusal to get out of his cell was followed by an attempt of 8 correctional officers to vionetly remove him from Korydallos prison. Aspiotis’ consistent resistance made it clear that they would have to exercise the analogous level of violence in order to get him out of there, so they left.

Let it become clear to all that since Panayotis Aspiotis fulfills all the requirements justifying his detention at Korydallos, he will not be removed unless the Ministry of Justice gives specific orders for excessive use of force. We consider the secretary general Eftychis Phytrakis personally responsible for any injuries sustained by our fellow prisoner Panayotis Aspiotis. Phytrakis has a sadistic and retributive perception of power evident in his refusal to implement the letter of the law.

The sensitivity of the Ministry of Justice Nicos Paraskevopoulos who organizes celebratory events to launch family visiting rooms in the most remote prison in the country that is the most difficult for prisoners’ families to get access to (Grevenon), means nothing since he insists to remove prisoners away from the area where their families live, in contrast to the provisions of the penal code.


Prisoners committee for the support of prisoners’ rights

Translation: BlackCat

Source: AthensIndy

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