N.I.F.: Many of the demands of protesting prisoners in Korydallos have been satisfied

Network of Imprisoned Fighters

During the last few months mobilizations have taken place in Korydallos prison in the form of refusing midday lockdown and delaying evening lockdown, an increase in time spent in the yard in the morning and afternon, depending of the phase of the struggle. Our demands were to ensure visiting hours for all prisoners without the continuous cancellations with various or at times no excusess at all, the replacement of the outdated electrical installations and the removal  of the prison manager because of her authoritarianism. Along the way another demand was added: the return of our fellow prisoner Fabio Dusco following an end to his irregular detention at General Police Inspectorate of Attica and the Attica Removal Centre during the same time period when P. Aspiotis was tortured by police officers who attempted to violently extract a dna sample.

Until today all the demands have been gradually satisfied. Fabio was brought back to prison following 16 days of hunger strike, the manager was removed, the visiting hours are sorted without too many problems and the new electronic installations are almost completed. This is a very important victory on the part of prisoners which confirms the fact that anything can be achieved through struggles.

Having won this struggle we are now preparing for new claims for the near future as well as many changes within the rotten retributuve prison system. We will fight for small victories to improve our living conditions behind bars as much as possible, until the demolition of every prison, until life is not defined by borders, fences, barbed wire, exploitation, repression and property.



P.S. Victory to our fellow prisoners from Grevena and Trikala prisons who are fighting for their self-evident rights. We know what it means to fight, especially in remote prisons, where many threats and obstacles, in secret and in plain sight, are posed by prison guards and managers. Brothers we all stand our ground against discriminations the state is trying enforce through correctional services. United, one raised fist against the daily fascism of confinement.

source: AthensIndymedia

translation: BlackCat

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