Anarchist Collective Rouvikonas on the attack at Proto Thema

photograph Eurokinissi

Anarchist Collective Rouvikonas

”Proto Thema” (first issue) newspaper constitutes the flagship of state-led propaganda. Proto Thema’s journalists are selling cheap populism in order to promote the most conservative positions that currently exist: an indecent blend that concern issues of general interest along with posts for the political and social life in Greece and beyond. The positions of the articles move between the  far-right and the neo-liberal centre, in the light of defending the interests of capitalists and the policies that serve those interests. Journalists have targeted anarchist fighters and militants of the revolutionary left as well as refugees and migrants, while all memonradum policies of the international loan sharks have been defended throughout the pages of this tabloid. This is the very definition of state media, one of the strongest weapons in the communicational quiver of capitalism.

The man behind all these is a well-known to everyone bearer*, Themos Anastasiades, owner and founder of Proto Thema… His ”works and days” are many and his political positions as well as the ethics of this medium are identical to his own. Whatever is written and published in Proto Thema is approved or defined by a guideline set by him. His editors, like manipulable puppets, ought to move within the limits defined by the bearer. The sleazy bearer, who all he has in his mind is increasing profitability and in spite of the fact that in terms of politics he seems to be a supporter of the right wing, did not hesitate to acquire an erotic dvd of New Democracy (conservative right wing) high profile member Christos Zachopoulos and publish screenshots and for money.

On the other hand, according to allegations ”his newspaper will continue to investigate authorities and uncover those who misused public debt and their political protectors, even if war is waged against it”, as the proxy lawers stated following the end of an inquiry for 5.000.000 euro found in one of his accounts. Of course, it does not come as a suprise to us, that the state played its usual communicational game through its judges and rushed to reveal something that was there only to make sure it got covered up again, by exonerating Anastasiades from charges the state itself had filed. The state wouldn’t try and convict a pillar of the system for tax evasion and possession of black money while, in contrast, the same state acts with particular cruelty in cases concerning underprivilged citizens.

The publication of the picture of Pavlos Fyssas** at the time of his death, shows how ethical Proto Thema’s owner is. With profitability as his sole purpose, this man does not hesitate before anything and does not respect anyone since he worships money (in this aspect he does not differ much from any other employer). The merchandise that is bought and sold means everyting to him which is evident in the sexist treatment of women in the TV show where he appears as a co-ordinator. As for immigrants and refugees they are the ”enemy” according to him and he often engages in racist deliriums. Finally, we must not forget the white-washing of the fascist phenomenon of the Golden Dawn with various publications in Proto Thema, such as the made-up story of an elderly lady who was being protected by fascists, only to prove later that she was the mother of an MP candidate of the Golden Dawn, or the false article about the fascists who assaulted doctors who received  bribes. These, ofcourse, are not mistakes on the part of the journalists, since Anastasiades and his team are very well informed by different sources, even by the oppressive mechanisms of the state.

For all the above reasons, today, on Friday April 8th at 11 am, a group of comrades of the Anarchist Collective Rouvikonas attacked the headquarters of Proto Thema in New Filothei, Marousi, Athens. Paint was thrown at the front of the building and serious damages were caused at the entrance as well as two cars owned by the company (and not by employees as mainstream media have falsely reported). In spite of the fact that the building is near Filothei P.D. comrades managed to leave without any problems.

*bearer of the dvd of Zachopoulos

** anti-fascist rapper, also known as KillahP, murdered by members of the neo-nazi white supremacist Golden Dawn party in 2013

Source: Athens Indymedia

Translation: BlackCat

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