Moria camp, Lesvos: Refugees exposed to heavy snowfall

A few days ago, minister Mouzalas claimed that “there is not a single refugee exposed to the cold”.

Today, we received the following footage with this note:

We are a small grassroot volunteer group working out of Northern Lesbos. Today (07/01/2017) two of our group members ventured into the camp of Moria, to provide support following the already expected snowfall and 5 below zero temperatures.

The footage itself was captured by an anonymous Cameroonian refugee; he asked us to make this footage public to expose the appalling conditions provided by the UNHCR, in contrast to its earlier report in Jan 5. that “There are no refugees or migrants living in the cold anymore” and that they had successfully completed the procedures for overwintering, with the exception of 40 tents left in Vyiohori and another 100 in Athens.

Below are the 2 recorded footage that we would like to share at this moment.




“This is not normal, we are human beings,”
“I know of dogs who have a better life.”
“We live here like fish, sardines.”

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