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The 8 last minutes of #ERT before the riot police invasion

ΤΗΕ LAST MINUTES of ERA translated in English. 

This is a free rendering in English of the last words transmitted from the ERA* (Greek public radio organization) in the 8 minutes before the police shut it down this morning.


Tasos Theofilou : His case and the upcoming trial



On August 2012 an armed robbery took place in Paros, an island of Greece, during which, a 53year old taxi driver, who tried to prevent the robbery, was mortally wounded


The plot


For an unknown reason,

Few words about the political prisoners from Turkey


This post is about Ahmet Yüksel, Erdğan Çakır, Hasan Biber and Mehmet Yayla, who have been on hunger strike since 24/9. Ahmet Yüksel and Erdğan Çakır are facing the danger of extradition in Germany and France respectively and Hasan

Tasos Theofilou writes about his forthcoming trial

b2ap3 thumbnail tassios2On November 11, after a five-month postponement my trial will start in the Loukareos Court of Appeals, where I encounter a bunch of allegations concerning my alleged involvement in SPF (Conspiracy of Cells of Fire organization) and a package of charges

Greece: Riot police evacuates Greek public TV’s headquarters


(Photo Louisa Gouliamaki. AFP)


The Greek goverment sent riots police to evacuate #ert the Greek public Radio Television, Thursday, early in the morning.

 Greek National Television ERT occupied since June by journalists dismissed after the brutal government’s decision

Antifascist demonstration in Athens

Athens, September 25: Antifascist and antiracist organizations, groups and parties of Greece staged a big demonstration in central Athens, in response to the brutal murder of antifascist hip-hop artist Pavlos Fyssas AKA Killah P, by an organized group of members …

Recorded incidents of police – Golden Dawn collaboration

Some people in Greece keep getting surpised over the issue of fascists (Golden Dawn) – police collaboration, after Greek mass media discovered the issue, following the brutal killing of hip-hop artist Pavlos Fyssas, a.k.a. Killah P.

Tens of incidents have …

the Greek Orthodox Church blessing the neo-Nazis

In the recent Greek parliamentary elections on June 17, the neo-Nazi “Golden Dawn” party, has managed to score an enormous 6.92%, mainly spurred by financial angst and deep disillusionment with mainstream politicians (previous score 0.29% in the last 2009 elections), …

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