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Evie Statiri and Athena Tsakalou are not allowed to attend their own trial

Regarding the trial for the escape plan from Korydallos prison against the members of the C.C.F. something truly incomprehensible is unfolding…

Two of the defendants, Athena Tsakalou and Evie Statiri cannot be present at court during the trial because of …

Punitive restrictions and tight surveillance at the women’s prison in Korydallos

On account of what happened last Sunday on the 21st of February the women’s prison now is under tight surveillance and investigation.

Despite the thorough search conducted a few days ago inside prison wards and common areas and the fact …

G. Kalaitzides: ”Many took advantage of the connotations of anarchism as an excuse to create profitable businesses and exhibit anti-social behaviours”

George Kalaitzides, member of the Occupied Social Centre Vox

In the early morning hours of the 27th of February, around 3:30 am, I sat at Exarcheia square for a few minutes with two other comrades from the Occupied Social Centre …

Understanding #kolastirio: prisoners tell their stories

On the 25th of February a 64 year-old man who suffered from heart disease and respiratory problems died in . According to prisoners he appealed multiple times for release. Based on medical records his disability was estimated at 80% …

No silence, no compromise, no charity: only solidarity

author: refugee baher

Piraeus port. Yesterday

-Afghanistan? You can’t go through.


I show them a photograph depicting the evacuation of Eidomeni .


There is no answer. Only rage.

They can’t believe it’s true. Even their desparation is exploited.…

Greece: children behind bars and the need for alternatives to incarceration

Baby suit reads ”Prisoner since birth? NO WAY!” poster of the Campaign ”NO BABIES BEHIND BARS” by the Initiative of Prisoners’ Rights in Greece

Rosa Kovani

Nomatter how many times you relive this experience it always seems impossible …

Announcement released by Anarchist Group Rouvikonas and Nea Philadelphia Anarchist Collective regarding intrusion in ERT

(photo published by kollect news)

Comrades from the Anarchist Group Rouvikonas and the Anachist collective Nea Philadelphia attempted to make an intervention at the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) with the purpose to read the following text during live news. The

Letter in solidarity with the struggle of hunger striker Fabio Dusco

Fabio Dusco is detained in solitary confinement following his abduction from Korydallos prison by riot police. He begun a hunger-strike last week to protest his subsequent detention in two separate facilities and to demand his transfer back to Korydallos. So

Anti-fascist Patrol in Athens (video)

Street musician plays guitar while anti-fascists keep public spaces safe for everyone and amplify a message of no tolerance for any form of fascism in the Greek capital (snapshot from video)


On Friday 21st of January an anti-fascist patrol …

Aspiotis’ lawyer comments on the torture his client endured in prison

Vassilis Papastergiou, legal representative of anarchist prisoner Panayotis Aspiotis published a statement regarding the prisoner’s condition after being tortured by members of the counter-terrorism unit.

On Saturday, February 6th, my client Panayotis Aspiotis was coerced into providing a DNA sample

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