Shocking Clip: Israeli Checkpoint Cruelty

Please Share Widely, this video is being flamed with dislikes from Israeli viewers so PLEASE LIKE if you want the world to see this…I appreciate comments on this video but please THINK BEFORE COMMENTING. NO SWEARING OR RACIST language. I monitor comments occasionally and will remove and ban users who use such language.

If you don’t want to support what happens in this video then join the international boycott of Israel. Support groups like BDS and ISM, start a chapter at your university, and pressure your university, business, grocery store, theatre, and government to divest from Israel and boycott Israeli products. It worked against Apartheid South Africa and it will work against Apartheid Israel.

See my main page for links to organisations that advocate for and provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people.

“Animals. Animals. Like the Discovery Channel. All of Ramallah is a jungle. There are monkeys, dogs, gorillas. The problem is that the animals are locked they can’t come out. We’re humans. They’re animals. They aren’t humans we are.”
– Israeli border police (you can find at 5:03 of this video)

“We let them suffer, in the sun, in the rain, that’s it. That’s what I wanted to say. Let the whole world know.”
– Israeli border police

“When the Palestinians come…we put on our show.”
– Israeli border police

“Nobody knows about us here. Nobody in the world.” – Palestinian businessman

“Look at what they do to us, do to our children. Look!” – Mother with two children

“Food for my wife, Christmas tomorrow. Meal for my family! I’ll be back in the morning!” – Elderly Palestinian man


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