Greece: Police thugs start a riot attacking people with glass bottles, flares & flash-bang grenades


On Saturday July 20, 2013 “Delta” police thugs entered “Exarhia”, one of the most vibrant areas of Athens, while hundreds of people were attending two different solidarity events to anarchist Kostas Sakkas, who was on hunger strike for 38 days because he was imprisoned in the self-proclaimed “democracy” of Greece for 31 months without a trial.

As depicted in the video, the “Delta” police thugs on bikes begun to intimidate and chase passers- by for no reason and when people begun to gather reacting to their terrorist tactics, the policemen threw against them flash-bang grenades, asphyxiating gas grenades, flares and even empty glass bottles!

Hundreds of people gathered at the spot to chase them away and begun to circle them, while residents from their balconies above were throwing water towards the police thugs to force them to leave, following the havoc they caused.

Confronted by so many people, the Delta police thugs, along with a riot police brigade that was called to assist them, were soon forced to retreat and leave the area.

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