My name is Spyros and I am a MALAKAS! (HELLENE??)

Response video to Katerina’s Moutsatsou video “I am a Hellene”!

Thank you Katerina but you don’t have a clue!

1) You accept the debt! You just say we are not the only one! But you accept it!

2) You present the “free market” we have now similar to the Ancient Greek or Roman! NOT A CLUE!!! And you present it as the biggest invention ever.
Make no Mistake Katerina… “Free Market” (Capitalism) and Neoliberalism Globalization are the routes to all our problems!!!

3) You talk about critique like its a Greek invention when all Greeks go around like Zombies saying whatever they hear on TV. Not even a hint of critical thinking!

4) And for God’s sake don’t even dare call Greece a DEMOCRACY.
With an IMF apointed ex. Federeal Reserve – ECB employee as pri minister… ,
The politicians acting like puppets of EU, IMF, WTO, etc…,
The justice controlled by corrupt political parties,
The police executing US orders comming from the US Embassy, using excess violance towards everyone in orders to intimidate them and at the same time collaborating with parastate right wing Secret Service controlled organizations in order to provoke violence!

Where do you see democracy in that!?

Who wrote your scenario?? Henry Kissinger?

PS: And about Yiorgo, Yanni and Niko they are all in Jail or in the hospital for protesting against the New World Order!

A) Working Hours – OECD

B) Public Sector – Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) for the EU


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