PFLP Solidarity Campaign – Leila Khaled Interview April 2010 PT 1

On April the 6th 2010 Mike Walker, a PFLP Solidarity campaign co-ordinator, spoke to Leila Khaled in Amman, Jordon. Leila stated in her book, My People Shall Live that Che Guevara was her hero and that Che lived heroically and died heroically. Yet I, a revolutionary woman, was living in tranquillity in far away Kuwait when my people needed revolutionaries and heroes of Che’s calibre. I decided I must join the revolution. Leila went on to join the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a revolutionary progressive alternative to Yasser Arafats Nationalist Fatah movement. Leila and the Palestinian struggle shot onto the international stage when she became the first women to hi-jack a commercial airliner not once, but twice. Captured during the second hi-jacking attempt Leila was released by the British, amid whipped up public outcry against negotiating with terrorists, in a deal with the PFLP and she walked free to take her place in Palestinian and world history. Go here to support the solidarity campaign:

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