Watch TSA Nude Body Scanners Get Defeated

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“BREAKING: TSA Threatens Mainstream Media Not To Cover Story”

“TSA & FLL Airport Admit Lying in FOIA Response, Say They Can”

I’d like to thank:

Travel Underground –

Freedom to Travel USA –

Legislators who have stood up to the TSA – especially Dr. Ron Paul & Sen. Rand Paul

…and all those who have both publicly and privately stood up to the TSA.

My legal battle against the TSA’s nude body scanner and pat-down molestation program continues in court, soon with a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court. If you’d like to donate to this effort, send PayPal to: jon [at]

Copyright (C) 2012 Jonathan Corbett. All rights released for any non-commercial purpose.

Produced using Camtasia Studio and Windows Live Movie Maker on a PC. 🙂 Video recorded using a Canon G10, except for “undercover camera” using an iPod 4G. Audio recorded with Ableton Live and edited using Adobe Audition.


Media & Official – jon [at] — please no phone calls, I will respond to all e-mail inquiries very quickly.

All others – please leave a note on my blog (link above). I do read them all and generally reply if your post needs a response.

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