Gaza Children in Israeli Hospital After Drone Attack

A month after recent escalation between Israel and Gaza two Palestinian children in critical condition in an Israeli hospital === A month after the recent escalation between Israel and Gaza following a terror attack on Southern Israel by unidentified assailants dozens remain wounded. Two Gazan children, hit by a drone missile, were transferred to an Israeli hospital alongside their fathers. The Real News’ Lia Tarachansky spoke with Muhammad Zaza, 14, who survived the attack but sustained significant burns and wounds and his father Ataf in Kaplan hospital in Rehovot. Tarachansky also spoke with Adnan, the father of Ibrahim Zaza, 12, Muhammad’s cousin who was also severely injured in the attack. Ibrahim lost both his hands and remains in a coma. Because of Israel’s non-association with Hamas, such patients’ hospital bills are typical paid for by the Palestinian Authority. Lt. Col. Avital Liebovitz, the Israeli army spokesperson refused to comment on the incident.

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